Cole was his name Thought we were friends I thought but that was a game

At an early age I had to learn what right and wrong 

I had to learn why I was being spit on and picked on and why I had to get up and move along and just keep moving in the struggle because life is just a big tuggle between black and white, oops sorry I meant right and wormy because in America there is no pound sounding gong that vibrates your ears t a core and stirs your bones until you feel sore there is no justice no peace if there was why is there still war in the Middle East at least can we acknowledge then problems at hand can we remind you of what you did to me and my family we were beat hung tied fried spied on we were called on to your footrest and now that m upset and the ground has shook and the tables are turning your tearing for help from your granddad wealth getting me arrested for standing for my human rights I swear have you ever read the bill of right have you ever felt the pain of seeing your blood stained on the ground.

Cole was his name

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