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What to the Black American is The Revolution?

What to the Black American is The Revolution?  The white dream of anarchy? The city up in smoke? The closing of businesses? What to the Black American is The Revolution? […]

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3 New Ways!

You can now listen to “Spoken Word: Revelation” three different ways! 1) SoundCloud “Natty Barjon” 2) 3) Youtube! “Charles Barjon” #SpokenWord #Poetry #Art #Revolution #affirmations #NattyBarjon

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State of the World

State of the World The world is a very disturbing, yet beautiful place as of right now. The violence in the streets, natural disasters, and racist governments all contrast the beautiful planet we live on. The state of this world is one of confusion, nobody but the wise really know what is going on. One day the United States is […]