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Month: July 2016

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What is it?

Heart  mind  Soul  Fooled me into believing this false reality we call love.  It lies to us  Makes us feel okay  It makes you sad.  This Love concept is life shattering  Just heart breaking.

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Lynched by America 

Got me hanging on a tree and it’s not even three yet…. They wonder why we yell “Black Lives Matter” when they’re over there making  all that chatter about how blue lives and all lives matter but how could all lives matter when black lives don’t even exist. Look no harm no foul, I’m nothing but a peace solider in […]

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Is it time?

Man I didn’t chose to live a life when they keep pulling the knife on me accusing me of robbery they don’t even know me got me locked up already sitting here with my thoughts thinking as to how I can contribute to, Make the world a better place but hey don’t know how I’m going to do it alone […]

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Every day another Brother is dead I just sit here in my bed thinking to myself in my head why am I not dead. Yeah I get it protest and black lives matter movements significantly lower the amount of people who actually want to become cops. But you don’t understand my pain you have nothing to gain from our loss […]