Why ?Do you want to tell me why?

I live in this nation


Hate and confusion

Why I was chosen to be melanated to the darkest hue


Why do I have to bear the pain of young people

Why do I have to fight for my human rights


Why is it that the world has a hard time with love

Why is it that my life doesn’t matter to you


Let me tell you

You were raised up and a young age

You were taught not love but hate

Now you see the blood that stains the grains

Of my people who labored for years without gains

Pain and pain but never no gain

How can I even regain

A piece of confidence

When I’m confined

And put into your system and built to your design

Maybe one day I’ll find what needs to be seen

And I’ll show there the world the scenes

Of love and peace

So we can release

All the hatred and cease

All the wars and hunger

So maybe the nation’s can’t plunder

Through my family tree

Only to find out they can’t see

Because well they took it from me

I was robbed from my origin

And told that I was a sin

And that nothing I can do would help us win

So for 245 years I sat around and thought it was the end

Wake up now it is the time

To change your intellect and design

It’s time to grind to the top

So we can hop over invisible hurdles


Why did I have to say that?

Well. . .

Because you are sleeping

Wake up

It’s about time

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