My poetry is expressive, mainly based on what I’m feeling at the the time.

Poetry is art in that it travels from heart to heart mind to mind and leaves you with new perspectives.

In my world poetry has helped me overcome the biggest fights. If you want to hear my story I suggest you indulge your self with my words and share the same passion I have for art.

-Charles Barjon (2016)

It all started with poetry. In 2016 my english teacher at the time gave us a packet assignment, where we were to write a series of poems in various different styles. This assignment was a turning point for me, this was the first time I found power in words. I wrote a series of poems I called the “Race Chronicles” that focused on the plight of the Black American trying to survive in America. When I received my packet and good grade, I saw a note encouraging me to continue writing. I took that little note to heart and charged full steam ahead, the website had already been created and I made a couple post prior about religion and the nation. Now with this new love for poetry I had to transform the website into the we all Love and Respect today! I started posting and realized that having a graphic accompanying the word made for a great standard layout; which is why everyone uses it now. Eventually I came to a cross roads where I had the best ratings my website had ever seen but I lost the love for writing. In turn I fell in love with Music, cinematography, and the ultimate want to just educate my peers. Therefore, “Charlie. B Poetry” then became “Charles Barjon Poetry” to now “Barjon Publications”. Barjon Publications is the platform and future business that publishes all of my Poetry, Music, Videos, even my Spoken Word. The Barjon Publications website ( also allows me to sale whatever I want on it, making it the ultimate field of opportunity. Barjon Publications has built its foundation strong in the faith of the One True God of Ethiopia Ras Tafari Haile Selassie the Christ and will forever promote the message “Live Righteously”, at its creation in 2016 under the name “Charlie. B Poetry” the official message was “Love is my message”. Barjon Publications serves all artist of the world and was made to spread the overall message of Love, Peace, Justice, and Righteousness. Poetry is our favored method and art-form to best express these notions.

-Charles Barjon (February 15 2020)

You can contact me through:

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