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My Heart

What a wonder it is to man To see his heart  Outside of the shell of the flesh What a wonder to see my heart Glistening in the sun To […]

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HBCU Bomb Threats

As we enter Black History month this year we have been bombarded by a multitude of bomb threats at several Historically Black Colleges and Universities. What does this say about our nation overall? We love to tell ourselves that we live in different times, a time when indeed the United States of America is the land of the free and […]

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QOTD: St. Isaac the Syrian

“The passions are uprooted and turned to flight by constant occupation of the mind with God. This is a sword that puts them to death… Whoever always thinks about God drives the demons away from himself and pulls up the seeds of their malice.” – St. Isaac the Syrian

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QOTD: St. Maximus the Confessor

“The mind of a man that loves God does not fight against things or thoughts about them, but against the passions that are connected with these thoughts. That is, he does not struggle against a woman, or against one who has insulted him, and not against the images of them, but against the passions that are aroused by these images.” […]

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QOTD: From St. Maximus the Confessor

“It is one thing to be delivered from bad thoughts, and another to be freed from the passions. Often people are delivered from thoughts, when they do not have before their eyes those things which produce passion. But the passions for them remain hidden in the soul, and when the things appear again the passions are revealed. Therefore, it is […]