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It has taken some extreme courage to be open about my faith as a Muslim. I’ve been Muslim my entire life, I remember learning in 4th grade that a Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. I knew then that I was that. And have moved and lived as such within the confines of my mind and […]

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Peace on Earth and Other Reasonings

Peace must be attained and made on Earth, it is a word that is empty like a bottle, I and I must fill this word with meaning through the philosophy of Collective Security; Unity. This Unity being founded on the basis of good will and loving kindness. Peace will come when we seek it out. This is the generation of […]

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Purity at Birth

It is strange to think that at the moment of our birth we were perhaps submitting to the will of the Creator of all things at the best of our ability. In this I mean, we were not corrupted by the ideas of institutions and individuals immediately after leaving the womb. Aside from the influence of the time in the […]

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Avenues of History

Charles Barjon II Southern University Nelson Mandela College of Social Sciences “Avenues of History” April 11th, 2021 Professor Peter Breaux Avenues of History Introduction One could imagine that history as […]