But Who compares? 

To the mind ever moving

To the voice ever loving

To the smile ever beaming

What of her? You ask

“What of her?”

 I say in response

Since she’ll never measure up

To the one I want

Brilliant indeed 

Like a poem you read 

Slowly, in the relief of a summer breeze 

She sets me free

Well, that’s how it feels 

She’s close to God

Is she real?

What of her? 

Yes, she’s a beauty too

But who compares to this Angel?

Who cares for all and not just a few

Who compares, my friend 

Around her, I’m no longer blue

O her dance 

O her laugh 

Do you think I have a chance?

Who compares? 

To a woman of God

A Faith unshaken

Even when times are hard

When I see her 

I hear a message of truth

I ask 

Is this my lady, my Ruth?

Loyal and true 

Kind and loving 

A sacrament 

A river ever-flowing

More than flesh

Beyond the world 

She is a rarity 

The most precious pearl

Delicate and clean 

Deserving of honor

You see, she’s the King’s daughter 

So, who compares?

To this angel

Don’t even try 

It’d be to painful 

She’s one of a kind….

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