Today we celebrate the idea of freedom on this blessed #Juneteenth! We remember our ancestors and their blood, we remember our ancestors and their tears, we remember their triumph. The institution of Slavery in North America for a fact was different than any in world history. It was far more vile. This slavery known as Chattel Slavery was brutal and unlike previous forms there was no escape, no tenure. By law if your mother was a slave so were you, by law you were 3/5ths of a human, by law horses had more rights that you a human made in the image of God.

Never let the uneducated shy you away from this history. Embrace it. We Black Americans have surely been brutalized in the past and through it all we have emerged beautiful, our cultural innovations the world gazes upon. O how the world marvels at our faith and will to live! Love yourself! Celebrate your triumph!

We also choose to honor those who were still bound and tortured long past June 19th who were never freed and died in bitter bondage.

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