Just to think where the greatest men in history came from a place so dirty so raggedy 

this place covered in Mouse traps trying to catch Ben

 this place full of the melodies of the rockin Robbins 

this place is where you learn your ABCs and your one two threes your I want you backs and fedora hats 

this place is a home of a revolution a racial freedom 

This place birthed the man who broke barriers of MTV 

this place nourished the imagination that would spark Generations 

this place is Gary Indiana 

This place stated how to live off the wall

This place brought us thrillers

 This place taught us how to fight the bad of society

 This place taught us how dangerous the world could be

 This place is of a man who will go down in history

 This place is a world invincible

 This is it the place of Michael

 A man rooted firmly in his ethnicity

 change through oppression and Hate

 but nothing was slowing down his fate

 At the time nobody thought a black man could surpass these levels

 No one thought a black man would win more Awards than any white man

 No one thought this African American would hold records for more than 30 years

 The pioneer

The Engineer

 To the next generation of singers and rappers and the Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s and Tupacs

 No I thought he’d leave

 He was just on his eave of coming back

 Hate, oppression, traitors were his own people[black]

 Without Love in the communities

 Why did you think this man would have immunity

 love yourselves, love your ethnicity,love your community

No more Legends need to die of this fatality

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