I have seen it now my God
The intention You have for me
A dream be it may
I feel the strong sense of reality
To you I shall be
Yea to you alone
With a most brilliant bride
To greet me when home
But to You O Lord
I praise
Since there still comes many days
Years rather my Lord I shall be patient
All the while in these I repent
I have seen it now my God
So work on my heart
Show me Thy way O Lord
Where do I start
Compassionate are You
O Lover of mankind
Keep me in purity
And bless her mind
The mountain tops
Yea the mountains I’ve ascended
Only by Your mercy O Lord
The multitude of my sins forgiven
With boldness I stand but only for a while
In the next I fall in humility
Only keeping this smile
Be with me O Lord and hear my prayer
I see your intention
Through Your will bring me there

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