In today’s world knowledge and intellectual thought can lead you to great things. But first you have to forget what you know. Ever since you began your learning career, you’ve been programmed to know what the system wants you to know. You’ve been taught that there is Black and White but not grey.

As a Christian I have to look at the Bible remembering that the church in the beginning of the religion had strong gender roles, so when the Bible tells me that Adam came before Eve I disagree. I believe that women came before men why you ask, well everything comes from women, for example children and love.

As an African American facing racism and distractions every day I have to remember my background and where I came from and that I come from different cultures, religions, and a different reality. Being black people in America we need to remind our selves we are not seen as equal even though we have black president.

The strong minded individuals who have followed different intellects will understand.



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