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Everything is not About Race

Everything isn’t about race,everything has been made to beabout race by the Evil One. Riseabove this and do for yourself. Love each other and run away from hate. Don’t allow this prejudice to corrode your soul. Pray for the people lost in racism and keep it pushing. God knows best! Why repay evil for evil? And why repay the oppressors […]

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A Message from my Heart

Today my friends I want to speak to you about the principles of Peace and Love, about Mercy and Forgiveness and how these can change our lives drastically. These are words that together ultimately are empty and mean absolutely nothing unless we fill them up with our deeds and prayers and make them whole. What is Peace? What is Love? […]

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A Cry For Joy

I’m livingI’m breathingThe weight has been liftedNo more questioning these abilitiesGod has giftedThe ability of Peace and LoveMercy and TendernessI wrap the world in a hug And speak of togethernessTo […]