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Why ?Do you want to tell me why? I live in this nation Of Hate and confusion Why I was chosen to be melanated to the darkest hue Why? Why do I have to bear the pain of young people Why do I have to fight for my human rights Why? Why is it that the world has a hard […]

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Cole Was His Name

Cole was his name Thought we were friends I thought but that was a game At an early age I had to learn what right and wrong  I had to learn why I was being spit on and picked on and why I had to get up and move along and just keep moving in the struggle because life is just […]

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Moonwalkers Xscape

Just to think where the greatest men in history came from a place so dirty so raggedy  this place covered in Mouse traps trying to catch Ben  this place full of the melodies of the rockin Robbins  this place is where you learn your ABCs and your one two threes your I want you backs and fedora hats  this place […]

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Post MortemIn the distance post-mortem reeks in the air  The mother’s eyes at a distance stare  The mans melanated arm bent at 90 degrees you can see the other boys stuck at “freeze”  Get on the ground go on your knees don’t look at me boy don’t even breathe  I’m here to seize all of your rights, I’ll be damned […]

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Huey Tupac  Malcom Martin Michael  and Bob These are all the men who died for you These are the men who called out the problems of society through literature and poetry these men here are the face of a fading generation Since we’re all going back to sleep there no one to tell us to get on our feet Know […]

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God Bless…

God Bless… God bless the minerals of the eart God bless the leaf matter of swaying wind God Bless the drying winds God bless the tinted skies God bless the salty water  God bless the fruitful trees God bless the earth God bless this world God Bless….

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Music Vibrations of Harmony Rhythm of Passion Notes of the Blues Shuffling Symphonies of Jazz Thunderous pounds of drums Snapping Snares Collide with confusing cymbals Stern organs Vibrational emotions Blend […]

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Out of State

I’m right here but your out of state Now I’m irate  How could this be my fate I took you on how many dates? But your still looking out of state  Progress  Repress my progress  It’s going to take a congress To hold you on your mess Our loves like a game of chess  Don’t know where to go right […]

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We Get Close– Essay

Why is it only when we get close and the passions in the air you want to push me away. It’s almost like your afraid, the whole community notices your foolery but you just say, “oh he’s cool with me”. I wonder at times if you know what your actively doing. Do you understand no one can ever love you […]

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Let Me Revive You 

Why is it you’re the only one who can’t see A relationship between you and me The whole world, land and sea  Can see our purity But you put it down so it won’t grow You don’t want them to see you glow You just took the low road  And now everybody knows How you feel on the side  We […]

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Tattoo Sins

Scratching needles across my skin Dragging art into my skin Pinging jabs and jolts of pain But this art will reign It needs to be ingrained in my skin Nothing but tattoo sins Remember tattoos are a from of art, used to express your inner emotions and bring that rawness to the surface displaying the pure makeup of your mind, […]