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Let Me Revive You 

Why is it you’re the only one who can’t see A relationship between you and me The whole world, land and sea  Can see our purity But you put it down so it won’t grow You don’t want them to see you glow You just took the low road  And now everybody knows How you feel on the side  We […]

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Tattoo Sins

Scratching needles across my skin Dragging art into my skin Pinging jabs and jolts of pain But this art will reign It needs to be ingrained in my skin Nothing but tattoo sins Remember tattoos are a from of art, used to express your inner emotions and bring that rawness to the surface displaying the pure makeup of your mind, […]

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Wrestling- Folk style

Swift turns and endless bounties Turn to see the clock still counting  The audience suspended in uproar Only if he’d find a way to score Double leg Single leg Nothing working High Crotch Ankle picks Only make a kinck  But that’s all he needed one point

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Sun dried sweat plastered on our faces Cool breeze offsetting – the tension Blaring sirens And Roaring voices The fate of the movement – in our hands Projectiles landing and scrapping the oppressors All odd a sudden – A loud pop Echoed in the streets We all dropped to our knees We don’t know defeat By: Charles Barjon

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bingo who

Bingo who rest in feathers And ask where I was  who is thankful for years of love Who is forgiving in times of struggle Whose eyes shut too early Is not here with me Who tells me to move on Who tells me to forget Whose fur still lays in my bed Who used my heart as a home Is […]

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Everyone’s Got A Purpose

Everyone’s got a purpose Everyone took a breath at birth We all  had to breathe first Everyone’s got to find a way to live We all have to find a way to give We all need a chance to live Its the opportunity I never got When I was knocked-down Blocked- by the co-op Just had to Jump down get-down […]

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Is That Right?

Is that right? That I didn’t know my civil rights. That I didn’t know I could fight Is that right? That I have to choose fight or flight? I can’t fight for what’s right? Is that right? By: Charles Barjon

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But Will You?

But will you ever forget? But will you ever leave? But will you ever love me? But will you ever live again? But will you give me a chance? But will you ever need me? But will you ever hear me? But will you ever see? But will you ever let go? No you won’t you rather live low.

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You Are a Broken Glass – Bottomless Pit 

Pouring Love into an broken glass drags you further into a dark abyss of emotion Emotions and trials and the tribulations of life and love and death and hate It all feels the same when your blind to your own faults you can’t stop it anymore I can’t stop pouring love into your bottomless pit of a heart You’ve consumed […]

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She Runs Backwards 

At first I let you do your thing, i  just waited for the day I could give you my ring. Hey its just a usual thing for you not to know I’m careing.  I hope to see you one day come to you senses.I can really sense it. You’ve got me feeling legit.I’m going hard i really can’t quit.  You’re […]