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Avenues of History

Charles Barjon II Southern University Nelson Mandela College of Social Sciences “Avenues of History” April 11th, 2021 Professor Peter Breaux Avenues of History Introduction One could imagine that history as […]

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What is Life?

What is life? I ask this not to start a philosophical dialogue but, to reflect on the times. So, What Is Life? I remember those days as a youth in the suburbs of California. I was able to run about outside with the neighborhood kids, I was able to go bowling whenever I wanted to with my grandpa, I was […]

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It is Black History Month!

It is Black History Month, hooray! I would have to admit though, I almost forgot about such a magnificent period of time. No, not because I am “woke” and overstand this is the shortest month of the year, nor am I “woke” and proclaim with a proud chest “Black history is everyday and not just a month!”. No I simply […]