As we enter Black History month this year we have been bombarded by a multitude of bomb threats at several Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

What does this say about our nation overall?

We love to tell ourselves that we live in different times, a time when indeed the United States of America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We love to tell ourselves that we live in a land of equality, liberty, and tolerance. What a great facade this is to the world but what is the reality behind the mask?

The oppression, targeting, and systematic trauma of the Black African race has been consistent throughout the history of this peculiar nation. As a matter of fact, before this nation was even an organized and recognized country internationally, Black Africans were enslaved under the wickedness of chattel slavery. Forcefully laboring and setting the foundations of this country; the United States of America.

Yes, our blood indeed is the very foundation of this land and her system of governance.

On the eve of Black History Month, a celebration evolved from Carter G. Woodson’s “Negro History Week” we see such hatred and bigotry prevalent once again in our society. This attitude and choice of hatred against African Americans, against Black People, is not new. It has always been here. How do we combat this deeply rooted attitude in the minds of the majority? In the mind of some minorities even? How do we destroy the negative connotations attached the innocent Black Race? Is this even our duty?

Innocent, yes, innocent I say we are. We the Black American Race have done nothing to these fellows to warrant such atrocities. To warrant these present threats at hand. We have been the victims of the worst genocide in human history. This is a horrific ongoing period of physical and mental oppression which has deeply affected both oppressor and oppressed. Yet, they wonder why we promote the ideals of self-reliance, self-love, and economic development. It is our only duty to do for ourselves. To help ourselves. Our brethren throughout the world shame and hate us without cause we respond in peace yet they are for war. How special we are.

Resilient we are. To think we have managed to be aware enough of our selves and our history, which extends beyond the period of slavery, and operate within this society speaks volumes. To say that although our physicality in this country has been attacked without end and we still exist in the physical form says a lot about exactly who we are.

This attack on Historically Black Colleges and Universities otherwise known as “HBCUs” is not a mistake by the evil one. This is intentional, planned out, and effective in spreading terror and tugging on the strands of trauma that exist in the psyche of us all. These benevolent institutions are beacons of light, of hope, of excellence within the black community. Although all races of people can attend no matter ethnic background one must understand that to the Black American Communities these are significant to our identity in this strange land. These are where we obtained a higher-lever of education. Where we learned both technical skills and literary expertise. Today these institutions produce the highest amount of doctors, lawyers, and business professionals. Indeed these are symbols of progress!

The oppressor only seeks to destroy these symbols of progress. These symbols of excellence. These symbols of healing. They scare him, yes, they scare him because the oppressor could not stand the idea of the loss of control. To lose the leverage of the gap in knowledge and understanding is to lose ease of influence; oppression. We must stay strong in the face of opposition my beloved, we must recall our history, look how far we have come. From the symbolic confines of death to this life we live today, we must understanding that truly, nothing can stop us from our onward march but, ourselves.

The attitude and choice of hatred will always be here in the United States of America but we can still choose love. The love of self. The love of knowledge. The love of wisdom. Yes, the love of God Almighty. Bomb threats have come in this time and in the next time they will use a higher level of distraction. Let us stay focused in this terror, we must remember our cause and purpose.

We remember those killed senselessly through the dispensation of time, in time immemorial even. We honor their memories and accomplishments now and forever. In the Black History Month, the shortest month, and at all times.

– Charles J. Barjon II

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