Everything isn’t about race, everything has been made to be about race by the Evil One. Rise above this and do for yourself. Love each other and run away from hate. Don’t allow this prejudice to corrode your soul. Pray for the people lost in racism and keep it pushing. God knows best! Why repay evil for evil? And why repay the oppressors with oppression? What good does that do? A temporary happiness? A temporary revenge?

Remember in the book of Matthew there was servant who could not pay his master, yet he begged, and the master forgave him. This Servant then tried to force another servant to pay him money and imprisoned him until he was paid. The master upon hearing this was outraged and conveyed that he should have shown mercy just as he had been merciful to him. In this parable we learn that our Father in heaven has forgiven us so we ought to forgive each other. He has loved us so we ought to love each other.

Do not be foolish and place yourself in danger with these racists but do not be wicked to them and do not judge lest you be judged. These are a sick people, pray for their healing that they might one day through the grace of God see their racist behaviors.

Take this from a former Rastafari who used to believe that the oppressors deserved punishment, this way of life brought me grief and grief only.

This life of love though, has brought an incomprehensible peace. Through loving all and asking God to soften my heart and through repentance for my moments of hatred, I have found understanding of this life and how it ought to be lived.

What is depression, what is anxiety?

These don’t exist in the Kingdom of Heaven, and this Kingdom is present now and is at hand, I did not have to wait till my death, all had to do is love.

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