Life is beautiful
Behold the grace of our Lord
He grants us a new life
What a pleasant reward
A sweet dew dripping into my heart
Glory to the Christ!
He was there from the start
He is risen
Truly He has conquered death
Through him there is no fighting
Only tests
Life is beautiful
Behold the Son of God
His Mother, the Virgin
Defying all odds
What a perfect example
Of living meek
She invited us to love him
As she does with the coming of each week
Magnificent, blessed, honored
Are you oh Theotokos
You’ve house the incarnate flesh
A mystery to most
But to me this is reality
A trust
No falsehood
Praise God!
Make me worthy to stand where the Apostles stood
Life is beautiful
Behold our Lord
He grants life
Trampling death
What a reward.

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