Where do I start?
Because I’ve been lost for a few
I’m coming back to reality
Seeing I never got over you
Love was here but now it’s gone
A fog, a mitote
The suffering was long
Where do I start?
An apology, full of blues
Lost times, lost moments
This fool has grew
Ever present, standing in the moment
What is time?
I stand in awe since your beauty is sublime
In awe that is, each time you speak
Every word you vibrate is a new peak
One day I will hold you close
Tell you of the things I love the most
That is, my family, my God, my Life, this world
I study history and search for pearls
Searching and seeking in all the wrong places
Seems like the answers are where your grace is
Where do I start?
By sending a blessing upon you
Have a day wrapped in God
Full of gentle affection and love
One day you shall ascend and I shall rise as a dove
The start is here, now, and it was then
Peace be with you
Love reigns in the end.

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