“Letters to: The Mind The Body & The Soul” by Charles Barjon II is a must have book for all students of reality and spirituality. Once released as “The Collective Consciousness of Charles Barjon II” online and before that as “The Testimony” this body of work is one I have been looking at with a focused eye. This eye has seen every flaw and every beauty possible within these pages and seeks now to blink and move on to the next work. This book now in its final stage, in its fullness called “Letters to: The Mind, The Body & The Soul”, I chose this format over the prior designs because truly these sayings are letters to the self. Things that should be remembered, pondered, and discussed. It is my only intention with this book to spread the message of righteousness and the importance of faith in the Almighty God. Although not a religious book, this book should not be overlooked in the realms of religion. This book comes with the perspectives of true religion; livity. In these letters I pray you find answers, comfort, and discomfort. I pray you find an overstanding of life.

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