It is strange to think that at the moment of our birth we were perhaps submitting to the will of the Creator of all things at the best of our ability. In this I mean, we were not corrupted by the ideas of institutions and individuals immediately after leaving the womb. Aside from the influence of the time in the womb, we are essentially pure and the closest we have ever been to being a physical representation of the cosmos at birth. If it were possible to return to the purity of your birthdate, while keeping with you the wisdom of life you have learned, would you?

In many ways, the question posed is contradicting itself, since the wisdom of life would possibly taint the said purity, would it even be possible to do so? Religious systems often promote the idea of love and the lifestyle of lovingkindness. Perhaps it is the inborn action of loving yourself that is the purity we are seeking in this thought. Love is said to be the highest vibration and level of consciousness. Possibly, this is because through loving we are casting away ourselves. In that, we temporarily forget about our wants of the material world and seek the need of the invisible world; which is love. The Material world of course being this visible tangible Earth that we experience and live within every day. The Invisible being this conscious world made of vibration and compassion that is not immediately visible to the human eye.

If there is a purity to be attained post-birth it is through a life of lovingkindness with the duty of loving oneself and owing no allegiance to the institutions of the material world.

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