Peace must be attained and made on Earth, it is a word that is empty like a bottle, I and I must fill this word with meaning through the philosophy of Collective Security; Unity. This Unity being founded on the basis of good will and loving kindness. Peace will come when we seek it out. This is the generation of them that will seek thy face oh Jacob.

Some more reasonings :

The Peace of Islam is not to be compared to anything else. Rastafari is my rebellion against the system, it is the mechanism I used to organize and centralize my people. Islam though, provides guidance and a sure doctrine of submitting to the will of Allah COMPLETELY.

As a Black Man in America I can definitely testify to how hard it is to break out of mental chains of our oppressors and self. I pray that Allah will continue to take me away from practices and forms of worship that don’t serve me ie. Christianity. I pray Allah brings us all out.

This Ramadan is reminding me of the teachings I held to such a high esteem not too long ago. Remember to THINK when your thinking is cut off you go astray.

The importance of there being One God is more important than realized. So many headaches come from polytheistic tendencies and ways. Let Babylon Go!

Fasting is more than food, some of these desires and thoughts have to be rejected too

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