What is life? I ask this not to start a philosophical dialogue but, to reflect on the times. So, What Is Life? I remember those days as a youth in the suburbs of California. I was able to run about outside with the neighborhood kids, I was able to go bowling whenever I wanted to with my grandpa, I was able to hug and kiss all those who I held dear to my heart. I can’t help but to think about the youths of today. The childhood expirence, the thrill of it finally being summer, the nostalgia of a sleep over, they simply will miss. If this pandemic does not end, would I be of the generation of the last true childhood? Meaning the last generation of purity, the last generation unexposed to the filth and pestilence of this world untill appropriate to be aware. Okay now, perhaps this will be philosophical, because what is the criteria for bringing individuals to awareness. When is it unfair to the person and selfish for the sage to bring the student to reality? I digress, answer me, what is life now that the pleasures of being a fleshly being has evaporated? You see my answer is, God. Being devout in service to the will of The Almighty God that is what I fill the sorrows with; with faithfulness.

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