In my other Dream 

All the kids are living free

Education, food, and all necessities 

No type of bullying all the youth dem in peace

All the people deh are living really meek 

No time for fights 

And more time fi think 

The Almighty God, the only face that we seek

But in this dream

There’s war and protest

Having to survive and complete the quest

Enduring all the governmental type tests

How long will they continue to choose to neglect?

All the families and the little children who need their help  

Dutty Babylon

Rather them inna hell

Time fi destruct their spell 

Rastaman came fi to dispel 

No more time for their tall tale

They raising hell, but we building Zion

Giving all praise to the Conquering Lion

In my other dream

In my other dream

In my other dream, yeah

In my other dream

Mankind throws away allegiance to institutions

Finally some clear thoughts, no more confusions

Our loyalty to all our brethren on the mission

To bring morality back to the little children

For too long the schools and media have lied to the youth

So I think it’s time that they know the truth

There’s only One God and yes we built Egypt

And keep watch for the swine they try to feed ya

In my other dream

We all change the world

In my other dream 

We are the world

In this dream we lean on security

The collective of the world has no worries

Cause we have wi backs and hold to peace

No disrespect to those deceased

In this dream it’s beyond Martin King

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