Who shall win this battle of old?

The quest for liberty, of mind, for soul 

Who shall win victory, who shall hold

Is it you my dear who shall gain control 

Who shall pull me this way 

Now, who shall push me the other 

How will they react when I become too weathered?

Too tired, too sad, too grumpy, too mad 

Who shall win control before I revert back into a lad

I ask again, who exactly will win this most unholy battle?

The Viper or the Rattlesnake Snake, the Hyena or the Jackal

Whoever it shall be must learn to tackle 

Control of me will not come easily 

Like a lion laying still I’ll wait patiently

Taking the beatings and earning my stripes  

Then I shall be birthed as a tiger in my might 

Who shall win this battle of wrong versus right 

The meek lion, the tiger who never lost sight

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