Those workers of iniquity

See how they work ’round my being

See how they whisper falsehoods and spread their lies 

Those workers of iniquity 

A cup running over with jealousy and rage 

How will they clear the dimness out their eyes?

Those workers of iniquity building their house on the quicksand of antiquities 

Soon will there standing be swallowed by the pits they’ve dug

Woe to the foolish, woe to their disciples

Hear their cries for vanity oh Lord

And do repay them oh Great Equalizer 

Those workers of iniquity 

See how they act as if they own Broadway

Oh see how my Father has set my table before them; my enemies 

See these fake leaders cower before the presence of law

Those workers of iniquity 

See how they only see your flaws

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