Oh God of my Salvation 

A greeting to you 

Of the highest salutations 

Oh Lord God of Host 

Here I am your servant 

Standing in the midst of the most 

Treacherous filth to come about 

Oh God I pray you grab and lead me out 

This pestilence is worse than gout 

Lord hear my cry, my shout 

Oh Lord my God who shall ascend into your holy hills?

Is it the brethren of clean hands still?

The people of a pure heart? 

Who have not sworn deceitfully? 

Oh Jah is it I who has waited peacefully?

Lord what is your will?

I shall seek it out 

Oh God of my Salvation 

Only a fool wouldn’t submit to your will 

Only a fool would take these pills 

Oh the lazy man turns on these fields

My God why is it the youth can’t feel?

Why is it they can’t see your glory? 

They know of your spirit yet reject your face 

A mark of a people in a rat race 

Who else shall they disgrace?

Only a Man I am oh Lord humble me a lot 

God bless them for they know not 

Let not the soul wither but indeed the flesh rot 

Oh God save a piece for their lot

These children who are fools with noses of snot 

They missed the blessings they’ve got

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