To be a diplomat, not a politician

Helping the poor, find a real solution

Observing each petition, making love and peace my life mission

To be a diplomat and not a crook

Sitting in the iced waters waiting to hook

Another young kid into the system of wickedness

Cold nights and poisoned water a sweet caress

To be a diplomat but not lifeless

To walk in this valley of shadows fearless

Holding on to hope cause the world must hear this

To be a diplomat, not a politician

Actually helping the world, making peace my life mission

Only if you’d listen, websites and trolls with petitions

Who will stand up to fight this serpent

A diplomat of purpose, never a politician

To be hero and not a villain

Fire up and blast off, break the glass ceiling

Dig deep find some emotion and start feeling

This judgement is only real to the people killing

Fear not, my friend, only you could know

Being a politician leads a dark straight road

To be diplomat and not a politician

To be a seed rather a pebble

To have the ability to grow, and know who knows

To be a Man and not a show

Glory be to The Most High because I’m sure Jah know

To be a diplomat not a politician

A question in the mind of those who’ve broke

Down the concept of feeling a need for a lesser evil

When the truth is light and can fight any Devil

To be diplomat, not a politician

An upheaval of the engines transmission

Now the Babylon bus has lost ignition

To be diplomat and not a dirty politician

Making love and peace my life mission

Helping those who are willing to listen

Teaching the folks to break out of their glass prison

Diplomat or Politician

Either way the sufferers are grieving

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