Black Woman I love you 

More than the sky loves its blue 

Yet the world has no clue of the beauty found within you

From your womb life has erupted and it’s bitterness you’ve consumed 

For our sakes oh Queen Mother you’ve made every hue 

Black Woman I love you 

More than the sea loves its waves 

No matter how many of your sons they put in graves 

You stand unshakable to their ways

The perfect complement to my soul you are the judgement of days 

Black Women I adore you 

More than the overseer his whip 

For your kiss leaves honey on my lip

Oh Black Woman you have given your life for this ship 

How could I ever get a grip, my love for you in a word?

A word of promises and secrets unheard 

With a single word, I express the gratitude deterred 

Black Woman in a word I say


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