Like the Walls of Jericho falling down 

The weight of the world has forced my frown 

Happiness, Joy, Content relations

False smiles and hugs destroying nations 

Protocols abandoned for lack of discretion 

The trumpet has sounded great revolution 

The bird flies high to touch the stars 

Only if it could fly past these wretched scars

Like the walls of Jericho falling down 

Favor for the people and their crown 

Sadness, Depression, Solemn relations 

Proving to be the best way of communications

Bodies without souls 

Visions without molds 

The olive branch has waxed my hand 

The sap of its leaf scolds 

The Children of Peace have been born 

Justice is their might, they’ve heard the horns 

What is it for? You ask 

Simply it’s a given task 

Some are called to ugliness and greed 

Some only depend on God’s manna to feed

Don’t look too far for the message 

Pass the root, find the seed

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