It was the eve of my solar return 

The air was thick and the Sun burning down

My boots and jacket an unmistakable light in the darkness of the street

We marched forward till the light left me

The cloth waved in the air striking the minds of the people who passed by

The cloth stained with assertions of Justice and Peace

This was a protest, the protest of Government Street

We took a stand as the time passed us by 

Cars and fellows honked and waved singing their alibis 

A better world without the weight of these fumes 

A better world with fresh water to consume

As the sweat streamed down my face I confronted the centuries old rat race

Revolutions, Protest, and Unrest never do a thing but show who’s toughest 

Which area and who’s community is under neglect? 

On the eve of my solar return 

I made Justice my project

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