The Land of mystery and legends untold 

The land of creation, let truth be told

That Banner forever waves Red, Green, and Gold

Depending on the order, our duties must be bold

The flag of the Lion blowing in the air

Representing freedom and justice for Jah children everywhere

The Land of the great race between toad and hare 

Righteousness is your judgement, not even the dogs were spared

That banner that waves of Red, Green, and Black

The city is under attack the will of God the enemies lack

No communist or capitalist shall rule our pack 

The world must know we are theocrats

The Land of mysteries and legends untold

Rock hewn churches, let truth be told

Laziness is a sin, the Emperor’s scold 

Our head held high, we never lose, the world is in his hands, it’s what he holds

That banner that waves Green, Gold, and Red

We can not rest till every agent is dead 

Spreading propaganda that says our youths aren’t fed

Telling news about where the covenant is rest-ed

The souls of black folk, truly has been tested 

Our rights and freedoms ever neglected 

But with no fear we march into the dawning

The silence of the night, we can only hear the babes yawning 

The Land of the King, yes he is still there

The promised land of the righteous, his presence is everywhere

Even now when you choose not to grow your matted hair 

When you choose not to represent histories of injustice everywhere 

Forgetting the past, you’ve become the weakest among us

We fear no evil for in Jehovah we trust

Who will win this battle, Greed or Lust?

The Land of Mysteries soon to stretch her hand again

Be still, Zion train is coming, time to reprimand

Recognize the trust of the Conquering Lion

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