The moral ants of the mound

Stayed in as the rains of illness 

Plagued their colony

The few cancers of the night 

Would sneak and dwell in the rain

Only to prove their might 

As the waters settled in the morning 

The moral ants looked to the cancers with scorning

How is it they would risk our safety?

The ants pondered as the illness swept through them all 

Causing diseases to spread over yonder 

The moral ants of the mound 

Schemed and searched for these cancers

Almost as if they were bloodhounds 

The cancers had ruined there only chance of survival

The leaders of mound knew there’d be no revival 

How could they be so blind to reality?

Only if they new importance of communality   

Now the mound has collapsed and caved in 

There was nothing they could do  

There was nothing left for saving 

These cancers would never understand 

The roads they’ve shattered

Nor the sweat it took for the paving 

Only leaving a skeleton of the past city 

If they were all unified in the face of adversity 

Perhaps they would’ve lasted 

Perhaps endured

These rains of animosity

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