On the road to truth 

Agents of falsehood try to confuse my steps

As I track through this mountain 

With the sweat of the past miles on my brow

On the road to truth I meet many faces that hold a scowl 

Hidden amongst the trees and disguised in the the leaves 

Nestled within the whispers of your mind 

The trees that speak and the flowers that sing 

All draw you back and pull you away from the ring

On the road to truth 

Many paths appear, most end by tempting you in fear

Each path a new test in life, each road a new reality to make 

As we ride on this road of truth, how many stops will you need? Do you need a break?

Laziness the sin above all 

Only a worthless man would stand still and stall

With works to be done and lives to meet

The Road to truth, is beneath your feet

Each step, every stride and strut

Leading you back to the center 

The fine line between dog and mutt 

Concealing evilness and housing it behind doors securely shut

On the road to truth 

Agents of falsehood try to confuse my steps

Time periods of change, be sure you know who has awoken and who has slept

On this road no noise is uttered

Lest you distract yourself from the needs of your brothers

Hold to faith, never disappoint our mothers 

Truth and reality the supreme wisdom

The most ancient of roads leads back 

To his Almighty Righteous Kingdom

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