‪Stop allowing folks to divide and rule us I don’t care if you were born in the US you’re still African. The issues that affect Africans at home effect us all who are abroad. You leave for another country today they will see you as an African first not American not Jamaican just an African‬.

‪The perspective of the Black American is unique yes but don’t let the hurt of the past blind you from reality. You are Black Africans. You come from a rich continent. No you don’t have to go back, no you don’t have to be a rebel but, you mustn’t commit racial suicide. Be proud.‬

‪Too often I see my peers say “those Africans” or “we’re different” did our people not undergo mass genocide as well in the Congo? Did they not become victims of slavery and colonialism? Were their cultures too not robbed? There is work to be done here in the “new world” & Africa‬.

‪Work of dismantling systems of oppression, works of separation, works of economic and social elevation that must be present on both hemispheres of the planet. To turn a blind eye to our people and to be so selfish to only focus on ourselves would be a sin. To remain silent is a sin.‬

‪Africa awaits her creators. We in America and throughout the New World have higher levels of education and technical training that we can bring to the Continent while our brothers and sisters there have history and culture to being here to us. Together we can rebuild our Nation.‬

‪Throw away all thoughts of division and come into knowing that Unity is our greatest asset against the war on Peace. Without our unified efforts to tear down injustices wherever they may be found peace and the hope to progress will be lost forever.‬

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