Like an empty bottle

Words float around meaningless

Without use or function

Like an empty bottle

Peace, Justice, and equity are nothing but barren fruit

Without outcomes of physical manifestation

Words are an empty bottle and lack direction

Like an empty bottle

You walk life expecting to be seen and heard

Yet you’ve done nothing but wave a false sword

To fill the bottle and pour it out on this

Virgin field of rich soil and sediment

Watching the harvest grow out of this will

The meaningless word has grown into

A purposeful bird awaiting the winds of change

So now it can fly above the world and see the corruption it once nested in

Like an empty bottle

You aspire to be great and righteous

Looking in the mirror to see deceptive fullness

Yet your words and actions are meaningless

Weightless on the sales of judgement

You’ve done nothing to push culture

Like an empty bottle

You are a cursed vulture

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