This blue honey 

Drips from her throne

Calling the lost children 

Back to their home

This blue honey 

Sweeter than life 

Slipping and sliding 

Losing myself in strife

This blue honey 

Irresistible to me 

No word can describe 

Its beauty 

This blue honey 

Oh when can I 

Get a taste 

So delicate, so strong 

I wouldn’t want it to waste 

This blue honey 

I feel it calling to me

In the lonely nights

Spent yearning for its touch 

Cover me in your being

You’ll never be too much 

This blue honey 

That I love in secret 

I’ll find her honeycomb 

There I’ll fly  

A bee and rest in the deepest

Crevasse of her light

Causing a shadow to form 

Clouding her mind 

What is wrong? Is this right?

This blue honey 

So rare and refined 

The taste of the universe 

In a single drop

Is this the love the stars designed?

This blue honey 

My manna from above 

Together we’re transformed

Floating effortlessly 

Like a dove

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