The ways of the Heathen

Have corrupted the pedals

Of this pure black rose 

Sex, vanity, and greed shot

Into our minds like arrows

The ways of the Heathen

Have washed to shore 

The hostages of righteousness 

Enslaved by the technology of Babylon 

Our innocent children’s minds are long gone

Far too many revolutions have been slept on

The ways of Heathen 

Broken down into bits by the word sound 

Of the Almighty creator 

The government is upon his soldiers

He is the legislator 

Like an acid made to eat away at the covering

Of his divine covenant 

The ways of the Heathen have no place

Within his Almighty governance 

Woe to the children who are now lost 

In the forest of sexual clue 

Open minds clouded without reason

They have no purpose for what they do

Woe to the parent facing the change of time

Soon they’ll realize the system has been built to design 

The ways of the Heathen 

Shall crumble and fall 

Righteousness and love

Shall rule us all

Falling ill to the bitters of swine 

The ways of the Heathen 

Cured with some boiled pine

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