It’s ok I’ll keep laying the roots

Focusing on nurturing and bettering your pursuits 

It’s ok I’ll keep pioneering this sound 

Making sure the kids of tomorrow can rise above the underground 

It’s ok I’ll keep acting unbothered 

Don’t come crying to me when the kid needs a father 

It’s ok I’ll keep laying the foundation 

When the price is right, buy some land, build our new Nation 

It’s ok I’ll keep supporting myself 

Cutting myself off from my potential wealth 

It’s okay, you never carried anyways 

At least I know your vote, an election you can’t sway 

It’s okay I jumped out of a boat and died

Looking down wondering about all these teary eyes

It’s okay cause you weren’t here when I was living 

Only came around to see what the poet is giving 

It’s okay the artist said he’d die a year ago 

But you didn’t listen, dismissed him as a negro

It’s okay been dead for five years now 

No need to worry, tell all the people in town

It’s okay he’s risen, the king 

Quick, go get him his crown, find the ring!

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