The generation is hopeless

Because Love is a weightless word now 

The youth will never know how to 

Express their deepest passions and desires

They’ll never be wrapped in the arms of embrace 

While sitting at the senior year bomb fire 

The girl will never be courted by the noble squire

The generation is hopeless

Only cause their parents were consumed by vanity and capitalism 

Only to leave the baby incubated in a false womb

Without the true love of its mother 

What is the use of a generation who can’t Love?

Sorry to be rude but this is simply the news

The children of today have the right to refuse 

They shouldn’t have watch the news or even wear shoes 

Stop using this child to get more views

This generation is hopeless

Because love is a weightless word now 

Only used to describe the nature of impurity

With love lost where shall you place your passion for divinity 

How will you serve your creator? 

Hopeless is this generation even more so their predecessors

Living their lives full of joys and hopes 

Only to give birth to a generation who can’t cope 

Being called emotional and blamed for hanging from ropes 

Hopeless are we, yes, blameless we are

For when the breeze kisses my face as I hang high in the night sky 

I recited a prayer to just I and my mind’s eye 

Looking to the heavens for a reason why

Caught up in the world of reality 

Trapped in this island that is oh so remote 

Asking for courage and just a little bit of hope

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