It’s on gloomy days like this

Where I see the fire still persists

No matter how hot, nor how cold

One truth remains bold, and it is this

The fire in the city still persist

It’s on rainy days just like this

Where only sorrow and agony should exist

That I see that the fire still persist

Throughout all ages, in every era, and century

Only one truth has remained in oneness

Only one thing locks us in this matrix

For it is the law of the sixth

For even now I see the fire in Rome still persist

Almost like a friend you have dearly missed

Look, now see, how the flames do turn and twist

The ash stuck to me due to the blackened mist

Oh the joy! I see the fire still exist!

Routing out Babylon like a cancerous cyst

It’s truly only during times like this

Where I can clearly see, indeed

The fire persists