Looking over my shoulder

I see the pool of ebony 

Catching it’s shape shifting its nature 

I see the sun penetrating the atmosphere 

Only to capture the essence of your elegance 

Breathing in these airs of impurity and lust

Looking over my shoulder 

I see the vines of your braids

Flowing in to each other like the lattice of divinity 

Calling out to me, singing songs to their lord 

Yes the nature of your being sings to me

Your tongue still cuts me like the iron  sword 

I see your universe in the flash of your ivory smile

The wind only framed your life for 

You’ve finally achieved full form 

A pool of ebony gliding through reality but just for awhile 

So seamless in transcendence, a heart of gold

Looking over my shoulder 

I see what I can’t hold 

My Heart mustn’t be the open door

That it was built to be, I removed the hinges

You can’t come in to me

Not because you can’t but, your cause is to bold

No balance to nurture your sacred soul

Looking over my shoulder 

I see the beauty of Queen Makeda taking hold 

You embody the nature of grace

Tell me, look me in my face

Can’t you see this is fate?

Like the doves flying throughout each 

Expression I bring into reality 

You are a beacon of peace in this

World of propaganda and brutality 

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