It only gets longer 

Every coil and kink 

An unbreakable bond 

Stronger than any chain or link 

It even has the ability to think

Stare for a while it just might blink

And it only gets longer 

Every layer and generation 

Each forming their own 

Section and individuality 

Growing out of my soul

They flow effortlessly in the 

Wind of my divine being 

And it only gets longer

My dreadlocks are more than hair

My wisdom now personified 

Living, breathing, and shedding away 

My Natty Dread knows the way

It only gets longer 

More intuitive than my third eye 

My dread knows all the reasons why 

 No razor upon my head

I know of no God in the Sky

So long as I trod this earth 

Will I know the creator is here with I

For only the mystic flows in the night sky 

It only gets longer 

Like the time spent on earth 

With each day that goes by 

Each poisoned by the spheres 

Only cause It grows by the years

The sheep cry out, consumed by fears 

The shepherd’s hands need no shears 

Only God can dry his tears 

For it only gets longer

Length showing the depth 

Of the waters of wisdom

Showing every scar and telling 

Every story of yesterday 

It only gets longer

So I take it day by day 

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