‪Two faced reality where man has learned to turn the cheek

Instead of helping the poor and living life meek 

It’s a struggle we face everyday of the week

But it’s fine as long as your roof doesn’t leak

Selfish are the moves you make

Pray to the lord and hope he won’t forsake

Igziabeher the Almighty he shook me awake

How many leaves shall fall before you rake? 

Two faced reality where man is poor

Nowhere to go, where’s the open door?

No more putting in hard work 

Laziness is your desire

Praying to the Almighty God to light your fire

But why not grab some bush and light the leaves?

Do for yourself then you won’t need

Make opportunities so you can then feed

The poor children on the corner before their mouths bleed

Weightless prayers of greed and gust 

Not thought out, a demand, a must

Who are you to not work yet still trust

That the lord will make a way after his disgust

Begging for pity without helping your city 

My judgement is nothing compared to that of the committee 

Two faced reality the truth is harsh

Now your god won’t listen, What a pity

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