I guess the holes in our hearts never seal up 

By now you’d think perhaps the white blood cells could have done their job

Why must your eyes be the time machine I ride back into the shadows of depression?

Laughs that smile and perpetuate in the universe that is my mind for eternity

Despite the anger and wrath my flesh feels while lost in the depths of your memory 

The sight of you sparked winds of foolishness and love, anger remained dull and extinguished

To fall in love or to stand in it? Yes the question I asked the self

At least standing in it, I wouldn’t lose any material wealth 

I guess the holes in our hearts never seal up 

They pull at our eyes with a force stronger than gravity itself 

They chain you to your worthless fate as you gaze into your man made reality

Hearts what are they anyways? 

Under appreciated wastelands of failed love? 

Yes and in fact sometimes they are the home of lost dreams and the nest for the glow in your eyes I long for

The holes in my heart never seal, no never

Wisdom would be lost and that would be an even worse endeavor 

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