The trees call to me as I walk by

For I am Adam son of the High Sky

I wonder why the bees yearn to me, I hear their cries 

For I am Adam son of the High Sky

Why must the ocean make a fear to me?

Whilst the bird and the meadow stay dear to me?

For is it I Adam, son of the High Sky

The heavens shall rise as the earth’s fall

The rain shall cleanse and purify us all

The spark of word and the flame of fires

Our deepest wants and worst desires 

Reclaimed in must disgraced from lust

So there blows the gust from the flame in trust 

For I am the son of the Most High Sky 

Your reality is a dream don’t ask me why

The shackles from years still you hold so dear

Why is there fear in this shed of tears

The trees still call me as the bees do weep 

The righteous are there so the meek is where I sleep

Low lay the head of the king of sheep

Then In the dawning you’ll hear his cry 

You’ll see it there look to his Eye

Adam is here and his king has called 

So there he runs, as the children bawl 

Creation has come and sin has rung

Disgraced the lineage of creation’s son

The war has fired, but where’s the gun

Bullet of media the tears have won

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