You Fail To Realize

The lower self of man is the ultimate distraction on the path to complete righteousness. A lot of youth or even just young people who seek truth and righteousness in this new age tend to run into major roadblocks that were set when our eyes were closed. So now many are stuck wondering how they can break habits and old routines that keep dragging them back down to that lower self of sin. The Lower Self is a low spiritual vibration within us that only deals with pestilence such as lust, greed, and judgement. In this age of information, social media is corrupting the minds of those who have accounts and smartphones. Technology has benefits when it is unifying man but we forget that man has lost his way. Smart Phones have allowed society to tell us how we feel and what to think without us realizing it. All the while, there are applications such as Twitter that spread pornography freely, this also contributes to the corruption of man. So you might think to say, “Why not have self control or discipline?” and you are absolutely right. Yet, you fail to realize that the wicked babylon seed has already been planted, even though no wicked seed will reap fruits the roots have been established. Our subliminal mind is more awake than you think, many of our deepest self-conscious thoughts or the things we resent strongly; and have no idea why, are rooted deeply in experiences we failed to realize are bothering us subliminally.  Take into consideration your greatest fear half of the time you can’t remember why you are scared; or were you told to be scared? Look at the patterns of your life and then take a deeper look into why you are who you are and completely overstand the reason why everything is happening around you. 

The lower man of sin is within all of us since the original sin, no man besides The Most High is pure; he was born a perfect being without flaws. We have to retake control of who we are and stop following the devil’s path throughout life (This can go beyond the western religious concept of the devil and can expand into the likes of friends and family). The lower man is ruled by Satan that old wicked serpent cast out by God and he continues to trespass against Jehovah; God. He wants so desperately to take credit for the beautiful works of the Most High. We then must regain focus and look within and overstand that until the spiritual warfare within us, between God and Satan is complete, we can’t begin to truly live. Once Jah wins the battle of Good over Evil, we will walk for the first time without mental chains, spiritual chains, and even family chains. It is quite interesting because once you verbally denounce the wickedness within, the devil tries even harder to distract you from the truth; especially if you are already wise in the words of The Most High Jah. I and I Rastafari proclaim that we downstroy spiritual wickedness in high and low places and that means within ourselves as well. An honest man will admit to his many faults and will constantly work on himself to be Christ-like. Many who live a puritan lifestyle get trapped in ego and fail to realize they are judging others; sinning. The Most High says not to judge the religious ways of others because we can not judge the ways of God. 


The greatest sin of man perhaps is not lust, greed, homosexuality, nor is it the straight refusal of God. Rather it is judgement, who are we to judge others? By judging others we unintentionally place ourselves above our peers when in reality we are all one in equality yet we fail to see this. We never know what goes on in the lives of our brothers and sisters nor do we know the struggles they have overcome; so why must we judge? Humankind is so flawed even the smallest actions we fail to realize is judgement. Rather than looking at external appearances as a whole we need to look into the minds and spirits of people and overstand each other on a deeper level of appreciation and respect. We are all creations of Jehovah so who are we to judge down something God has made; we have no right. Although I do not believe in homosexuality, for all I know it may be here for a reason; perhaps to remind us to stay righteous. Jah works in mysterious ways he will allow you to break your foot just so you slow down and appreciate life. He can put you in a car accident to help you overstand the dangers of driving and what it is doing to the environment. He can even allow the enslavement of a group of people just to remind them they are the original man. Indeed The Most High works in mysterious ways. So for my elders and family reading my words overstand you are standing in the way of possibly learning something. Judgement is the abandonment of knowledge; and knowledge is life.


Being a young man growing up in this age of information having a deeper overstanding of spirituality compared to the majority of my peers I tend to sit in silence and often get asked if I’m okay. Many wonder and ponder and come to the conclusion that something either happened to me or that I am mad in some sort of way. Many don’t realize that out of silence came noise, out of silence came music, out of silence came word, sound, and power. When I am silent I am in a constant state of self reflection, coupled by the observation of the spiritual warfare happening within myself.  My actions, my thoughts, my words are all the fruits of this warfare. If you ever have something slip out of your mouth (words) and you didn’t mean to say it , what do you think that is? Especially when you are in a heated argument and you yell out “I hate you” or “I’ll kill you” you fail to realize that’s the lower self of sin talking. The devil will trick you into proclaiming something false because that essence knows there is power in word and sound when coupled with power. We all know that words can cut deep so imagine the depth of the wounds when they are within ourselves. There is no single person you talk to more than yourself, consider all the wicked things you say to yourself daily. At times we even mistake our own thoughts for what we think is God talking to us. Trust me you will be sure when you are in conversation with Yahweh; God. Everything stems from our thoughts and to master the controlling of your thoughts is almost like mastering life itself.  Through my sitting in silence I am trying to observe the intricate ways of the spiritual battle and then use whatever I learned about myself to overcome that wicked old serpent we know as satan. In silence we learn more in general, being able to have impulse control in an argument or debate allows for the control of situations; because now you know more and have reaped the fruits of wisdom. Even having a set time in the day that you spend away from the world where you either sit and just be or you sit and study the word of the creator no matter if thats through Rastafari, Christianity, Isalm, Judaism, or Buddhism; for the way of God is manifested in many ways. When we look to nature we see the beauty of silence. Out of nothing comes the chirp of a bird, out of silence comes the roar of the lion, and most beautiful is the sounds of the wind passing through the leaves of trees. The beauty of the rushing river through the silent forest is music in itself. Life is sound.


Even when we come to a basic overstanding of Chakras we see how the lower vibrations of the root and sacral chakras when blocked can lead to many actions of wickedness. The system of Chakras in our body is very mind boggling yet very real in thought. Spiritually it makes sense as well as physically. In simpler terms if we can’t control the stability of one loose rung of a ladder the entire thing is useless and you will fall off. Fall off into wickedness. Let’s take a deeper look, let’s take a friend group for example if one relationship between 2 out of 3 people is destroyed the entire group fails, because 9 times out of 10 the odd man out ( the third person) is stuck in the middle, having to pick a side or he or she will end up losing both people over petty indifferences. This is the greatest seen within mankind specifically not womankind. Ever since the Garden of Eden man has viewed women as inferior and continues to push that agenda. As a rastaman I believe that the day His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie made the decision to allow Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen to be crowned in the same day as he, The natural order of man and woman being EQUAL was established yet we still push this false way of life. The mistreatment of women is one of the greatest offenses to the Most High. Here is man again judging a creation of God. Womankind is equal to Man in every way and until we see this state, the broken ladder is still useless.  In this day we still see the government policing the bodies of Woman by making it a felony to obtain an abortion. When will they overstand that every man/woman has the right to decide their own destiny? What women lack in physical strength men lack in mental toughness and compassion and that is fact; so we must remember life is a balance. 


Indeed life is balance for balance itself is life. Without women there would be no man; and vice versa. Without the balancing of hydrogen and oxygen there would be no water on the face of the Earth. We fail to realize that the balancing of the elements, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, muscles, organs, and the organ system compose this thing we call life, then what do we know? Life relies on balance and that concept should be used within our daily lives. There should be a natural balance of Man and Woman, of Water to Earth matter, and of Righteousness and Wickedness.


 At times we must take a step out of the world; and not be of this world. To overstand there is a balance of society. Because there will always be the one kid ignored by the village for being “weird” that will turn and burn it down. There will always be those “goodie” and those “baddie” that is just life. The beauty of it all is that the good days will always outweigh your bad days; if you are honest with yourself. The next step would then to overstand the bad days are good in their nature; you will always learn when you are in positions of adversity (negative space).  Balance is even between work and living, His Imperial Majesty denounced laziness in his writings so we stay true to that lesson. Most of the time since we live in a babylon (shit)system we have to use the concept of working to live. But in the Zion State of Mind you Live to Work. You work toward yourself. Finding the true definition of what your self is. To overstand the true nature and origin of your spirit. In my experience of life I’ve found my definition of self in the ancient tradition of Rastafari. The next man might find his in Christianity and your sister might find hers in Islam. We are all connected through the perfect balance of self ( the universe in other words). 


Back to the reasoning of the lower self, how does the lower self manipulate our lives? That answer is simple, our lower selves have the key to our thoughts and deceive us every chance it gets. Thoughts are like cells that come together to form the lifeform that is our consciousness. Our thoughts are constant in our wake and sleep. When we learn to sit down and not only listen to our thoughts but overstand our thoughts we advance our level of thinking and reasoning. The lower self is interesting in this way; considering our thoughts can be ruined by the nature of the lower self. We have to analyze ourselves, take a step out of ourselves, even take a different perspective and gain knowledge of self. If we can not begin to know ourselves how do we think we could even dare to change the world. 

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