Barjon-Comma Style Poetry

You just don’t understand it’s her eyes that fill me, she doesn’t understand it’s her aura that trapped me,  I’m fixed to her like a leaf to a tree I feel sick over the thought of someone else holding the strings of her heart a tug of one and she can show the emotion in her I’ve thirsted for, but I must see in clear reality it’s not me she wants nor is it the idea of my being quenching to the thirst of her longing, I am hollow now yes more than before because loving you was like a chore, you just don’t understand it’s the way I feel Inside I’m two different people one of righteousness one needs to die, she owns my mind, my heart, my being, a single note left in the delicate reality of media able to cripple my being into hiding I want you and I’ve made it clear, a selfish woman only striving for a fool that can quench, do you not want a man capable of actually loving you or have you become addicted to feeling blue, the irony of this all I am the color blue you see my soul has more scars than the eye could ever see,  I’ve died over and over in my head again and again yet here I am only to be called your friend again, well let me set the record straight, friendship is useless it’s like a spiritual gate of passion, anger, pain and then where must I go to find this trust not even my brother can see the pain within me and my sister is in her own reality, I am dead but still living an undertaker you see, but this time life has filled me, an empath yes a Virgo too born in the third deacon yes that’s strange too, my existence is marked by feminine sorrow the forces of this universe made me this so what must I do before I resist before I fall into the lake of fire what else is there Babylon, what do you desire? I am righteous I’m free exactly who I aim to be, yet the depth of hell grasps the chakra in the root and whispers to me, you see you just don’t see that I love you so, so much to where you apparently don’t know, a fool for love sadly am I what must I do to move to the other side?

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