Thousand knives in my back

Draining tears rather blood 

Life gets tough when things aren’t good

In and out of good, bad neighborhoods 

Will there ever be a moment when life’s good?

Emotions scattered, when will he attack?

There’s about a thousand knives in my back

Knives, arrows, spears anything you can use to draw a tear

Nothing flows from the dry river of emotion, is it out of fear?

So why must there be such commotion my dear?

Thousand knives in my back

Do you want them back?

I’ll clean them maybe even wrap them in cloth, yes that takes me back

The arrow in my side pierces yet I don’t cry

Sitting down to have a conversation, let’s give that a try

Only leaving with more questions with answers of why

Thousand knives in my back, yes I know why


  1. A thousand knives in your back?
    no doubt should be really hurtful
    this tells a lot about your own fight
    a thousand reasons to be grateful
    starting with that you are a warrior
    and even with this, you’re still alive.

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