State of the World

The world is a very disturbing, yet beautiful place as of right now. The violence in the streets, natural disasters, and racist governments all contrast the beautiful planet we live on. The state of this world is one of confusion, nobody but the wise really know what is going on. One day the United States is like an  innocent child and the next she’s a death row criminal deserving no respect. From the burning forest fires of the Amazon, Central Africa, and Siberia to the extinction of multiple animals, how can this get any worse? Sadly, it can go even farther left, especially when we talk about the environment. Previously, we’ve come to the consensus that we have till the year 2030 to reverse the effects of Climate Change and ultimately save the planet. But now, I feel as if that year is closer than we think, I say we are lucky if we get five more years of a livable planet. In this current moment in time; 2019, we already see the effects of extreme weather. One moment it can be extremely hot and the next day cold. What effect do you think that places on our bodies? We in 2019 are already seeing the extinction of many animals, I recall seeing a news article on the extinction of a certain species of Mountain Lion. I digress though to come back to the topic; the state of this cruel world. The state of the world can be marked by the disturbing acts of the USA in locking children and entire families in cages simply because they want to find a better life, in a land they believed was free. The sate of the world can also be marked by the spiritual warfare that many are unaware of, the children of today; the Indigo children are great spiritual centers. Many young adults and children who are aware of this are often involved or caught between this battle. The world is crumbling in front of our eyes and its not necessarily bad, perhaps we must see the fall of modern day Rome; Babylon so we can build the perfect world we always look too. What is the state of world in your eyes? Comment down below!

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